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Menu Pricing

*Menu Pricing is per meal. Pricing below does not include sales tax ( 7.5 %), travel fee (contact us thru FB or IG Messenger for quote), or gratuity ( 18 % ) all of which will be added to your final invoice.

*You may add additional gratuity if you desire.

*Kids Prices are for ages 10 yearsold and younger. Lobster meals/combos not included.

*Share charge per meal is $20 for ages 11 and older.

*We do not provide cups/drinks, you must provide your own.

*We provide a live dinner show with shrimp tossing and griddle tricks (i.e. volcano), plates, decorative plate chargers, napkins, cutlery, sequin tablecloths, tables and chairs for the duration of the dinner service. More information in Booking Policies section.

*We setup and clean up! You just show up. :) 

About our proteins:

*Steak- Prime Grade Angus striploin, sliced thick 

*Filet Mignon- Prime Grade Angus, sliced thick

*Salmon- Norwegian

*Sea Scallops- wild, cold water 

*Shrimp- cold water, jumbo-sized

*Lobster- Maine

*Chicken- all natural hormone/antibiotic free breast meat

**Our Vegetarian option is the vegetable dinner which is a beautiful mixture of vibrantly colored fresh vegetables which include: zuchinni, purple (red) cabbage, mushrooms, onions & yellow/red/orange sweet bell peppers. It's both lovely and delicious!

****ALL of our dinners (solo's/duo's/trio's) come with a side salad, a heaping portion of fried or steamed rice, two appetizing jumbo shrimp, a heaping portion of our vegetable medley and your choice of meat(s). We only serve what is listed on the menu. 

Substitutions allowed: Double fried rice, no vegs or double vegs, no fried rice. You can also request steamed (white) rice in place of fried rice.


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